When In Rome

January 25, 2012

The Stupid Piz are BACK with another stupid birthday song.  This time our victim is Sammy Saiyavongsa.  Here’s my lyrics.  Jake will have to post his unintelligible lyrics himself, because I have no idea what he’s saying and neither does he:

Dip my Ham Sammy in my Dustin Soup

you know what kind she like grab a chicken out the coop

she’s 21 now better spike it droop droop

if she were a cat she’d scoop her own poop

if you F with S and D you can F’in S my D

if you gonna party, best invite sammy

she’s my sister and my mommy

hammier than salami

cooler than murakami

stronger than tsunamis

stripes on stripes on stripes on stripes the stripiest of blouses

you better know where laos is

best protect your houses

she’s coming for your spouses

she’s movin movin mountains

she’s a fire spewin’ fountain

get ready for your poundin’


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